Money Reiki

Money Reiki Level 2 Founder's Course

The Money Reiki Level 2 Founder's Course includes the Money Reiki Level 2 system along with additional content and support to help you better manage your money.


Stephanie Brail

  • 9 chapters
  • 30 lessons

Course Details

Welcome to Level 2 of the Money Reiki Founder’s Courses, a series of easy to follow online courses developed by the founder of Money Reiki. These courses delve deeper into spiritual money concepts as inspired by the original Money Reiki system, and are structured into three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The aim is to provide you (or your clients) with enhanced knowledge and tools to effectively manage money.

Similar to other Reiki attunement offerings, this course provides you with a distance attunement, a PDF manual, and a certificate. The Reiki attunement components included in this course are:

  • Original Money Reiki Level 2 (master-level) manual – which you can share with your clients

  • Money Reiki Level 2 attunement with special yantras (sacred images)

  • Money Reiki Level 2 certificate

What sets this course apart is the exclusive content designed solely for you; it’s not meant to be shared or distributed like standard Reiki attunement manuals. Consequently, you’ll receive the original Money Reiki Level 2 manual, an attunement, and even more valuable insights!

In Level 2 of the Money Reiki Founder's Course, the focus is on putting into place helpful financial systems and good money habits. With this course, you will gain spiritual insights into money management and learn practical strategies that will help you improve your financial wellbeing.

If your financial situation is already stable, the information provided here might be beneficial for assisting your clients who face monetary issues.

You’ll also get supplementary exclusive material that cannot be found elsewhere:

  • Money Reiki Level 2 Founders Course Manual (PDF)

  • Supportive assignments to help you get started on spiritual money management

  • Video lectures by the founder of Money Reiki


  • 5 Minute Guided Meditation for Money Management

  • EFT to Make Enough Money MP3 with EFT instructions and tapping points chart

  • The Richest Man in Babylon Ebook Download

  • Money Reiki Healing Wallpaper

If you already possess Money Reiki, obtained from me or any other Reiki Master, this package allows you to receive a re-attunement while also providing access to supplementary content.

Recommended Prerequisite: Money Reiki Level 1 Founder’s Course

Course content

  • $50.00 / One time
  • $20.00/3 months